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Belarski Pulp Art Masters Trade Paperback Book

Belarski Pulp Art Masters Trade Paperback

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ADVENTURE HOUSE. A master at building suspense through figure, perspective, and color, Rudolph Belarski dazzled the newsstand browser with pictorial headlines of vital action scenes pertaining to the interior story. In doing so, he sold magazines and books to a drama-craving audience, and propelled publishing's mass markets, thus infiltrating American minds with the trends and fashions of pop culture. His remarkable versatility as an artist can be seen in the range of his published work in pulp magazines, his exciting paintings appearing on the covers of Thrilling Mystery, Wings, and War Birds, as well as The Phantom Detective, Mystery Book, Argosy, and Western Round-Up. Boasting over 400 images, this tome takes us on a pulse-pounding, thrilling visual tour of this pulp icon's gallery of works. (Adventure House). Soft Cover, 9x12, Full color.